IFS MCT II Russia (9-15th April 2017)


BioAcademy and Bauman Moscow State Technical University together with Indira Gandhi National ForestAcademy jointly organizes a one week overseas Mid-Career Training (MCT) program for Indian Forest ServiceOfficers (IFS) in Finland and Russia.

The training programme provide an insight to what are the new trends shaping the forestry sector in Finland,Russia and European Union? The training also provide an opportunity to have personal conversations with many different experts and decision makers from strategic policy level to private forest owners and forest industry.

The training program consists of several modules combining different subject specific topics according to the needs of IFS officers, but also based on up-to- date hot topics in forestry with Phenomenon Based Learning(PBL) approach for problem solving, combined with modern Triple Helix Learning Ecosystem which is emphasizing the interconnectedness of the whole society and environment.

The key topics covered are Sustainable forest management, inventory and planning methods, bioenergy, forest fire management, water and water ecosystem management in forestry, but also new innovative bio-products and ecosystem services based on forest resources are included in the training. Special emphasis is put on political and strategic level planning, forest and bioeconomy strategies in changing societies (climate/carbon/REDD+) and decision making support, which are getting more and more important to the senior most forestry professionals.

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