IFS Probationers


Forest officers and experts are globally committed to take care of our natural capital, forests, waterways and all who are living from those resources. Exploring the world – nature and society – together, and sharing experiences for taking care of the challenges and sustainability will be powered by innovations and passion. Foreign module is tailor-made to provide your brains the joy of new ideas and fresh air far away from your everyday life!

Our aim is to provide you with an insight dealing with the new trends of the European forest based sector. The training course offers an excellent opportunity for in depth conversation with many different experts and decision makers from policy level to your counterparts and private forest owners in villages. We are convinced that during this 12 day training course in Europe you will receive tools and innovative new ideas on how to develop your working practices back home, but also the whole forest and bio-economy sector towards sustainability and green business opportunities. We also welcome you to create your personal network with the European experts.